Welcome to Quigley Guérin Hébert inc.

Since 1993, Quigley Guérin Hébert inc.’s team of well-established adjusters handle liability and property assignments whether the need is for investigation, negotiations or preventive assistance.

Our claims adjusters are supported by a vast network of professional resources made profitable according to the nature of each mandate.

We are devoted to thoroughness and quality of service with the personal attention that our human dimension organization can provide, something the industry is increasingly seeking for.

Our Claims Adjustment Firm

In the context of our work, we become the ambassadors for our clients’ quality of service and image. We ensure efficient follow-ups as well as personalized and considerate services for our clientele.

Our multidisciplinary team is devoted to collaborating with representatives and experts involved in the case. We align our investigation work with the strategy for the file process regarding settlements, recovery or defence, in a confidential and professional way.

By combining precision and quality, we work as investigators, providing follow-ups and research work as well as concise and structured reports. Given our many years of experience, we are able to offer convenient and effective support.

Since its beginnings, Quigley Guérin Hébert inc., founded by Mr. Yvan Quigley, has always had the pleasure of working for a loyal clientele. We stand out with our excellent customer service, towards, among others, principals, claimants, assurés, experts, attorneys or engineers.

A great part of our clientele has been loyal for over 20 years, proving that the team’s efforts gave us the opportunity to build a vast network of loyal collaborators, who appreciate our availibility, our precise and professional work, as well as our multidisciplinary and experienced team.

With our ever-curteous and professional communications, we are granted mostly positive satisfaction rates. Furthermore, our hard working reputation demonstrates that the Quigley Guérin Hébert inc. team can offer quality work, as we have been for more than 20 years.

Our Strengths

  • Clear and concise reports
  • Personalized approach and follow-up
  • Experienced team with great reputation
  • Exhaustive, in-depth investigations
  • Great listening skills and consideration